How Many

Hawaii’s population has increased and so
has our age: The median age for Hawaii
residents is 38.4 vs. 37 for the nation


Our Heritage

The races and ethnicities of Hawaii’s population, according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey 2007-11, which relies on people’s self-reported information.


How many Hawaiians in Hawaii?

The answer depends on your source. The 2011 Hawaii Health Survey reports the combined population of pure and part Native Hawaiians at 23.9 percent of Hawaii’s overall population. It bases race on parental lineage, whereas U.S. Census respondents self identify their race/ethnicity.

The 2007-11 U.S. Census American Community Survey’s five-year estimate shows 5.7 percent of respondents in Hawaii say they are pure Hawaiian; those reporting as pure or part-Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander are 25.2 percent (the Census combines mixed-race Hawaiians with mixed-race Pacific Islanders).